"We're in this together".

"We're in this together".


Our Story

“At age 19, we were homeless. All of our life, we have been stuck in poverty, living in cars, and constantly in and out of foster homes. We feared life, hope, and – most of all – we feared happiness because happiness was always stripped away from us. Women Aspire gave us a vision for our future and for the young women that we are becoming. Women Aspire helped us believe in ourselves, in our dreams, and in each other no matter what the situation.  

Accomplishments and future plans

We have now graduated high school and have our own place and full time jobs that allow us to pay our bills on time.  We will soon become college students.  We are able to look in the mirror and tell ourselves that we are proud, we are beautiful, we are independent, we are ambitious, we are loved, and – most of all – we are happy.  Thank you, Women Aspire, for your support, love, and leadership.”  -- Twins (2015)