About us


To mentorship, access to educational opportunities and a healthy lifestyle for women and their children.


To stamp out poverty and homelessness-inspiring and equipping women and their children to reach their full potential.


·         Provide support for women experiencing challenging situations;

·         Treat our patrons with care and respect;

·         Prepare patrons to reach their personal goals by working in partnership with other community organizations.

What We Do

Mentoring and Education

Each women is matched with a mentor in the career field of their choice. The mentor encourages them both mentally and spiritually. Childcare will be provided at our new facility for those in need of these services to accomplish their educational goals.

Promote Self-Sufficiency

Our patrons are assisted in finding and maintaining a job as they work towards self-sufficiency. They are taught how to prepare for an interview, write a resume, fill out an application, and manage their finances. The ultimate goal is to sever public assistance.

Transitional Housing Partnership

Family Promise, Wichita, KS